“The Veg”, “The Veg”. The cry went up from the entire ship’s crew as the lorry appeared through the archway of the National Oceanography Centre at Southampton. The delayed delivery of vegetables meant voyage TNS417 could now set off to meet Nelly and welcome her back from her genuinely epic voyage around the world. (Although the permanent crew were pleased, it did not match the childlike joy of the previous day when 9 new mattresses were delivered!)  Prior to departure the crew had practiced the evacuation drill, climbed the mast and learnt some basic rope handling techniques which were further developed by bracing the yards on the way down Southampton Water. A favourable wind shift meant sails could be set and we sailed until midnight interrupted only for dinner (with splendid Veg). It is now 3am and Aft Port are motoring North East into the wind but under a spectacular starry sky and the light of the moon.

Roger, Siobhan, Gina, David, Adam, Steve, Jim, Will, Graeme and Clive