Happy hour commenced after breakfast where all watches contributed to the cleaning of the ship. Smoko followed this and then the Pilot arrived on board at 11:15.  We arrived into Cherbourg at 12:00. Lunch was served, and then we were given instructions to go ashore. Before leaving the ship we were given instructions on how to complete the harbour watch for that night’s duties. Our watch had organised to have a meal together so we arranged to meet back at the ship at 6:30 and we headed to the restaurant and then back on board for 11:00.

Chris & Andrew

At the start of our anchor watch shift (02.00) it was found to be particularly miserable. However, Andrew found that as soon as he geared up in his ‘oilies’ that the rain ceased. As the cloud cover began to break a little, we were able to see the waneing moon and constellation Orion and the planet Jupiter. (Blame Christine if this was wrong)

Towards the end of our shift we observed a cat sneaking up on a ‘juvenile’ seagull but thankfully the cat got away! (It was smaller than the bird!) .

Four till six a clock shift nothing has happened at all 🙂