TNS454 16/11/15

Shore leave in Porto began in earnest early this morning. Most of the crew bounced off early and took the tram from Lexoes to Porto city centre. While one group decided to investigate the tram lines by getting thouroughly lost, more popular activities included visiting the historic quarter of the city, lazing along the riverside and of course, shopping. Swaying along the
streets of the city was a beautiful experience, the warm sun making the characteristic tiled facades of Porto shine jewel-bright. There were plenty of interesting churches and statues about the city, from fabulously posing centurions to grotesque Gothic gargoyles grinning like a constipated dashund, which all made for great photos. We had a couple of brave sailors chasing wild geese in the city, the most elusive items reportedly being an English newspaper, a pair of proper nail clippers, and the holy grail to all travellers, decent wifi.

Those who chose to stay the day in Lexoes or onboard caught up on some much needed rest and investigated the full range of local eateries, all of which seemed delighted to weigh the tables with more delicious food than they could hold. This theme was reprised with the evening meal with more groaning tables laden with delicious foods in a café with wonderful wifi. Everyone
went to bed merry, looking forward to a day of sailing tomorrow.