TNS454 16/12/15

Another day on the remarkably calm Atlantic voyage from Aft Port watch. Just as we had got into the lovely habit of viewing the changeable moon with thoughts interspersed with loved ones back home, and (quite frequently) interrupted by shooting stars and the occasional green Catherine wheel illumination of the starboard or port quarter of another shooting star or space debris burning out, we find ourselves handing sails at an ungodly hour with the off going watch. All in an effort to achieve maximum gain from the light winds, or to avoid a nasty incoming squall, whilst our shipmates sleep below the light din of ropes, blocks and sails creaking above. It’s this joint effort that has ensured over thirteen days of continuous sailing, and that is entirely the sweet reason we are here as we lap up whatever wind there is to offer, and embrace the glowing sun, against the backdrops of so
many palettes of blue sky/sea only separated by a distant thin horizon, the occasional rainbow breaking this up. Today has also broken with much excitement, as our Captain has revealed our potential schedule for the next few weeks, our first stop being the small fishing island of Bequia, not yet knowing if at anchor or alongside. That will hardly matter, as the crew eagerly anticipate the first of a few Caribbean gardens of Eden. Excitement is now raised amongst us, and very soon as Mr Barnes once told us, we will soon be standing on solid ground, I for one can’t wait. Our next night watch should fingers crossed see us nudge past Barbados, and our first possible chance to swap the hues of blues of the last few weeks for some pleasant shades of greens, perhaps even lucky enough to sight something more sandy as we seek land, just like a Pugwash cartoon. That’s all for today from Ali and the Port Aft watch