TNS 397

17th February 2014

A fine sunny dawn was soon spoiled by thick fog. As we sat down to breakfast the engines were started and we motored towards Syracuse. Straight after our meal, it was all hands to stowing the sails which were contributing nothing to our momentum. Shortly after the foghorn was activated much to the detriment of any conversation on deck.

As the pilot boat came speeding out to us, the fog thinned and lifted, giving us a sudden glimpse of the towering walls of Syracuse shining through the mist illuminated by warm sunlight – things were looking up. Soon the fog lifted altogether and we got a marvellous view of the fine architecture of the town.

As we docked against an old stone harbour wall, an argument broke out amongst some – we are blessed with many West Country folk on this voyage and the relative merits of the three counties were advanced.

With docking complete, the town was beckoning. Syracuse is a great place to wander round with many Greco-Roman ruins, the most fascinating the Greek temple of Athene which has been altered over the years into a catholic church. On such a warm and sunny day, the many bars and restaurants proved tempting – crew members found it hard not to bask in the sun with a cold glass of something good from the bar, whilst texting those at home to tell them how much better it is to be here. Needless to say, photos on Facebook were not universally welcomed by those enjoying British weather, cold, wet and miserable as it is.

Aft Starboard Watch