The ship left Muros and we motor sailed to Carino. Anchored off Carino and a shore party went ashore in the rib to see if we could moor alongside the harbour. Unfortunately we were not able to get alongside and permission was not given to let us anchor. Julia helmed the ship out at 16.00 and we are now starting to head across the Bay of Biscay destination probably Brittany.

The wind picked up so we were able to set topsails, jibs and staysails. Initially making 5 knots, under sail with engines off. The forecast was for Easterly winds across the Bay but at the moment they are light North Westerly. Still under sails but slow progress. Night overcast now with no stars or moon which was showing at the start of the watch .Not many ships around so rather a dull and cold watch. Looking forward to 04.00!

Aft Port Watch