Conventional times and dates have gone by the board, our time is measured in such things as our next scheduled watch, and the essential …time of the next meal. But today it is Aft Port Watches’ turn to write the blog, and to maintain the promise I made to Annette, thoughts have turned to the outside world. We happy few number but six, benefiting from the inspiring leadership of Mike, and with losing one of our number each day to slave in the galley, our time on duty is fully occupied. No time to stand and stare, unless one is on lookout duty! We are heading in a north west direction towards Brittany, and making good progress so far, with favourable winds. These might not continue, of course, but we are hopeful of the opportunity to pig out on French food and drink (oysters for me!). The patch of sea we are passing through is well off the normal sea lanes, and we haven’t seen another vessel, or indeed seabird, in several days. We settle for the consolation of Ali and Tracy’s cooking, with a deliciously high proportion of fresh Azores produce (the sausages are particularly good). The crew have all settled in well, with excellent relationships forming. This may not last: a murder mystery competition starts tomorrow, and who better to murder than someone who trusts you? We have a fine combination of young and old amongst the crew, and it is certain that once again it will be shown that age and guile beats youth and enthusiasm. We are making about 6-7 knots, main and fore course set, and both upper and lower topsails at present. Some long unused muscles have been rediscovered, not least those used to climb the masts to do what is necessary up there. Hard work, but fun, and something for us all to remember in years to come. Greetings to all at home from Aft Port watch: Mike, Phoebe, Claire, Alex, Alastair, Howard and Mark.