We arrived at the beautiful port and town of Risor during the afternoon of 16th. Berthing was very tight and this necessitated a lot of adjustment of mooring ropes. By the time all the other tall ships were moored, there were seven of us, one raft of four and the other of three. Shore leave followed, allowing people to go ice-cream hunting and, less importantly, view the lovely weather boarded buildings, including a fine baroque church and the only underwater post office in Norway.

The evening party started on Wylde Swan with tuna salad and accompaniments, highly recommended by Karen. All the other ships offered various courses; Tenacious’ contribution being very British, namely roast beef and Yorkshire pudding. Talking of puddings, Alexander Von Humboldt produced a wonderful variety which was almost impossible to resist.  Of all the drinks on offer, the Belgian punch was voted the best and many happy faces were observed as we returned to ‘Tenacious’.

On the nautical side, our sail maker, Mike, has repaired the fore course in his usual meticulous fashion. All that remains is for it to be bent back on to the yard.

Thursday morning in port allowed people to walk up the hill to the lake, some actually braving the waters! After lunch, we set off from Risor and had a fabulous time negotiating the Leads and enjoying the fantastic scenery on either side. In this, we were accompanied by the other tall ships and a mass of spectator boats, along with locals waving from the shore and a saluting cannon. We all lined up for a photograph and look forward to seeing the result.