TNS463 17/07/2016 –  Hello from Aft Port!
The mayhem of our Murder Mystery has started and the game will commence
first thing tomorrow morning, keep an eye out for updates!
Around 3.30am this morning, the eagle eyed watch spotted a Moonbow (rainbow
caused by the brightness of the moon) it may have been faint but it was a
magnificent sight.
Tenacious and her crew are another day closer to Sydney (10 days until our
estimated arrival).
As it’s Sunday we got a wee day off Happy Hour – WOOOHOOO!!! And are looking
forward to our Sunday roast for dinner.
Love and kisses from Aft Port
Dick, Lucy, Mark, Matt, Monty, Mike, Rowena, Darlene, Lucilla and our Mess
Lady Bridget.
P.S – Darlene’s joke of the watch is “What do you call a seagull that flies
over a bay?” The answer will be revealed next time it’s our turn to write
the blog.