TNS454 17/11/15

Tuesday saw Tenacious crew departing Porto back into the Atlantic swell, artfully dodging fishing buoys for 30 nautical miles. With lighter hearts (and pockets), the crew busied themselves handing sails, exercising on deck and tying each other in knots in the knot tying workshop. Before departing Porto one of our number risked a spell in Portugal’s Prison for Naughty Foreigners by stepping off the end of the gangplank without his permission slip, and there was a brief conspiracy to acquire a ship’s cat.
Today was a momentous day in the world of beards. Several notable beards of the ship have been fetchingly restyled. Another beard, previously offended by not being mentioned among the foremost beards on board, Nate’s beard – now calling itself Maurice, has developed sentience and is now plotting to take over the world. For those concerned about Neil’s beard, it sadly has not been allowed to return. A petition is available to sign, and a pro-beard sit in will be occurring on Wednesday.