Day 10.

A peaceful night sailing slowly south towards Gran Canaria. We saw two ships, and Rattler lost his hat while up on the yard, to the cheers of all the crew. Another starry starry night, our last at sea, so we took advantage of Aline’s fantastic knowledge of the constellations for a short star spotting session. Shooting stars were again visible, and as the sun rose, the Forward Port watch spotted a pod of dolphins around the bow. A perfect start to our last day, as Gran Canaria loomed large to starboard. Ian B wore his new hat, the sails were stowed, the yards braced, and we entered the port of Las Palmas at 1145.The various watches are planning a meal ashore tonight, then tomorrow we’ll be packing for home. All agreed this has been a fantastic voyage, with lots of sailing, and Madeira was a great stop-over. As for me I’ve made a bunch of new friends, and had an unforgettable trip. Thank you. Anita (TV) Forward Port.