Day 1 Joined the ship in full sunshine, while the city of Valencia celebrated the festival of Las Fallas in pyrotechnic style – fireworks going off all day, and culminating in a magnificent 15 minute display at 0100 when Stevie and I had the honour of standing harbour watch.  But it wasn’t all fun – we also had safety briefings and, most crucial of all, strict advice on how not to wreck the loos and how to avoid setting off the fire alarm by accident!

Day 2 …began at 0730 with a grey sky and fine rain.  Yuk!  A busy morning doing ‘training’ with some daring people going aloft and others practising the management of the shorelines – all in preparation for our departure this afternoon at 1430.

Now at sea, and under sail at last, having braced the yards, cast off the buntlines and hardened the sheets to the force 4 northerly breeze.  Now making a steady 7.5 knots on 140 degrees – the right direction!  We’re on our way to Portimao via the Straits of Gibraltar and everyone is in good spirits despite the chilly wind and one or two who look a bit green about the gills…

Starboard aft watch – David and co