TNS458 18/03/2016

Day 19 Fwd watch – Louise, Stretch, Paul, Mona, Steve & Andy
(Mike is on mess duty)
Friday 18th March 2016 2000 GMT 1300 Local LAT 07’37.07 S LON 106’39.7 W
Heading 265 degrees Speed 7.5 knots LOG 1810 NM
Sails set :- Fore Course, Fore Lower Topsail, Fore Upper Topsail, Fore
Main Lower Topsail, Main Upper Topsail, Main T’ Gallant,
Flying, Outer & Inner jibs and the Main and Mizzen Topmast Staysails
Wind – SSE 15 knots
Heel angle 5 -10 degrees

People in the fo’c’sle (one of many spellings apparently) are sleeping with
their lee cloths secured to the upper lashing points due to our heeling. The
little “clacker” balls on the ends of the pulley, gently tap out an
unrecognisable tune on the wood of the bunks. This can cause sleeplessness.
Well, that was until crochet Queen Kath put her mind to the problem…..
After her magnificent beard making for her Watch’s meeting of Neptune, she
has now crafted an ingenious solution. She has crocheted little covers for
the “clacker” balls. We are all excited for bed tonight to hear how they
work.  (Thought the point was that you wouldn’t hear them! Ed)
Our Watch colleague Andy has managed somehow to be on “Happy Hour” below
decks 6 times in a row – a new record we hope will stand for a while (the
rest of us have alternated above & below decks). This was caused by swapped
Mess duties etc.

We have found a few snacks, including the last of the crisps & brought them
to the bridge for a afternoon watch party.
The weather & sailing is magical. As Tracy (Cook’s Ass) often says “Happy
Only 1982 nm to the Marquises Islands to go – about halfway.