TNS463 – 18/07/2016 – Forward Port Watch.
Time 12.30 pm
At this time we are sailing towards Sydney at a very gentle 4 knots. The
spanker was handed yesterday evening as the winds went light and
unfortunately they are due to go even lighter in the next 12 hours or so
which may mean we have to motor for a bit, but only time will tell.  Today’s
sightings so far were a military jet, buzzing our masthead  and an Albatross
300 yards off the Starboard Beam. The crew is settling nicely into our daily
routines, happy hour followed by more birthday cake for “Anna”, our watch
leader. The days will now go quickly and before we know it, we will be
sailing under the Sydney Harbour Bridge. This morning at 09.00 marked the
beginning of a mass murder onboard the ship as our murder game began. So far
casualties include Colin our bosuns mate, the cook and the CAPTAIN! However
Cpt Simon didn’t go down without a fight, he had 3 kills under his belt,
quick mover! There is a  certain unrest aboard the ship as many of us are
feeling paranoid whilst members of crew loiter  in places they have never
loitered before, suspicious! Mass murders aboard the ship means a depletion
in able seamen to man the “Braces”. I blame the birthday girl, who, suffered
a fatal blow from the 3rd mate Maz, with a sticky blue mat. Happy Birthday