TNS458 19/03/2016

Day 20 of the voyage.
It’s Forward Port back on afternoon watch and looking forward to the 12-04
watch overnight – although with Second Mate Marianne on watch with us we can
be almost guaranteed to encounter rain given her previous track record…

Today is Cadet Ryan’s birthday so the home-made chart bunting is back up and
we were introduced to his present from Micah the cook – Colin the
cauliflower (Ryan’s “favourite” food) who has been taking an adventurous
tour of the ship and at Smoko was set free into the Pacific in his home-made
gourd-ship (only food waste overboard of course!) This sadly now brings
around the end of the cauliflower, to join ranks of other less robust
stores: the end of the bananas, lettuce and yoghurts caused great sadness
but the impending end of the chocolate bars threatens rebellion and there is
already talk of a black market economy. Fortunately the plentiful stores of
orange juice, ice cream and pumpkin will ensure our healthy survival.

Tonight we look forward to a pub quiz which has been organised to coincide
with crossing our second time zone and the change of the clocks – tomorrow
we will be 8 hours behind the UK. We are expecting to arrive in the
Marquesas in around 2 weeks, although a sweep-stake may start soon to bring
a competitive edge to when we will see landfall.

In the early hours of the morning, a loud, girly scream was heard in the
accommodation.  Cadet Gaz had come across a ghost in the dark!  As he was
opening the door – rather slowly – Niall the Second Engineer, coming from
the other side of the door, put his arm around the door to see why it was
stuck.  Cue screams!

Until then goodbye from:
Chris, Lee, Steve, Richard, Mads, Kate and Carol