Well, all I can say is that the permanent crew are just as thoughtful as my watch leader. Tom, our Bosun, obviously noticed that I was missing my gym programmes (how, I wonder??) and kindly took the power off the steering, meaning the wheel was harder to pull round, and needed pulling further round, for the same effect – so great upper body exercise.  Thanks Tom! But back to the serious stuff of our watch.  Keith,  it turns out is a pretty dab hand the camera, stills and video, and seems to have brought several cameras with him.  He even entrusted me with one when he first went up the mast, and was delighted with the photo I got of them all across the yard.

Not only was it in focus (!!) but also each bum was SO neatly framed by the harness – poetry in motion, even though it was a still!  Gordon, our cool Canadian-Bermudan continues to delight with his laid back love of everything that happens on board.  No-one was really surprised that it was Gordon who spotted the surfboard floating in the sea. We now waiting as the young leaders@sea prepare for their second exercise of the day – this time getting a  bucket of water up the main mast, across to the foremast and back down to deck, without touching either bucket or deck once they’ve started climbing.

I knew I should have brought the brolly to day. It is dreadful to point fingers at who has ” killed”  the most in our continuing game of “Murder” but one watch leader, the cook, and the captain (mentioning no names) have killed nearly half the crew and are still alive and killing!!!

Glenis, Nick, Tayo, Keith, Gordon and Graeme Aft Starboard Watch