Tenacious is sitting at South Quay, Canary Wharf, her yards and rigging reflected, many times over, in the surrounding glass of office blocks, so we are attracting plenty of passers by. Yesterday saw the end of the voyage from Southampton, which had been sunny and calm. The voyage crew left at noon, and sortly afterwards the Watch Leaders course began.

This is a course for those that have sailed on the ships, and have been recommended for training by the Permanent Crew. Most were new to Watch Leading, but some were doing a “refresher” course, which is needed three yearly, to keep abreast of any changes and to keep skill levels up to strength.

Also joining yesterday were a number of volunteers, from the 2-6 Heavers fund raisers, Chrissie, Janet, Betty, Terry ,Alan,  and other stalwarts. They are on board to promote the Trust, with a number of planned functions until Friday. Today there have been tours of the ship taking place between 10-1200 and 1400-1600, with refeshments from the hard working galley crew… Cooks Ali and Micah, assisted by the experienced assistants, Derek (dad) and “uncle John”, who are entertaining us all with their banter…..although Captain Simon was comparing them to the “last of the summer wine” trio last night!!(Alan F being the third), which I think made me Norah Batty! Far too hot for wrinkly stockings!

This evening there is a Reception on board, with more guided tours, until 22.00, with canapés and wine/soft drinks. It is great that the weather has held for this. Ali the Mate, and I will be happy to assist, as we are on duty, and have the pleasure of chatting, and sampling the fare….a hard job…

Chipps is spending his days in cabin 27, which is turning into cabin 27/29 with a beautifully crafted second bunk, the disco music is great when you are passing! Rowan and Godfrey are replacing the outer jib furling gear , and Ollie is in the (relatively) cool chart room correcting the charts.

Shiny and his men, Reece, Ian and Tom are repairing fans (thank you!!) and all manner of engine room things… so there will be a more technical blog on their duties to follow!

Ellie has the port side heads steam cleaned, and spotless following panel replacement in maintenance, and it is looking great.

So, plenty of hard work, and plenty of fun.

More later from our London base,

Jane F

Medical Purser