As of very early on Sunday morning Tenacious is out of dry dock and safely on the wall.  Needless to say the work carries on unabated!!

There are still numerous engineer type people, both volunteers and professional all over the ship so I’m still grumbling about oily footmarks on the decks down below!  There have been some really heroic efforts getting us to this point.  Four people were up all night on Friday to get the bow thruster back in before the dock started flooding up.

Sea trials are set for Thursday and Friday worked in with the lock system for accessing the dock so that should be interesting!  Fingers crossed that all the systems which have been pulled to bits will work perfectly and we will be ”good to go” for the voyage starting on 28th.

These periods of maintenance are hard work for volunteers and permanent crew alike.  It is always a good feeling when it all comes together at the end, and in time!!