TNS463 19/07/2016  We did 8-12 watch last night and there was a chill in the air.  The watch
was brightened by games and nonsense, and the moonbow. This morning we woke
up to barely any wind whatsoever and a calm sea which was reflected in our
speed of 2 knots. We put the Royal and the T’Gallent in an effort to
encourage our speed but that seems to have had the opposite effect. There
are about 4 birds following the ship, which we think they are boobies, they
can be seen plummeting from the skies into the sea for fish, 9 times out of
10 they have success which is more than can be said for our onboard
fisherman “Fred the Fish”! Surely at some stage he will catch something!?

The murder game is in full swing but there has been less homicides than
yesterday, casualties include Medical Purser Ronan, chief engineer Niall,
BBJ, Val, Mick and many others RIP! Surprisingly, despite being blindfolded
for his leadership at sea, Leeuwin actually survived the morning. I think
someone feels bad about killing a blind person 🙂 There are about 19 of the
crew still surviving. A lesson was given on splicing which was good and
Leeuwin was adequate, which was better than expected in a blindfold. Mandy
has demonstrated her excellence at the game of 20 questions, oh how the
watches fly past!
Aft Starboard – Stan The Man, Mandy, Leeuwin, Aoife (the best), Val WL,
Chris, Paul, Steve, Ali.