Day 1 19th August.

At 1300 the new Voyage crew started to arrive, full of the usual anticipation from the first voyagers and excitement from the old hands. All were welcomed aboard by their respective watch leaders and Ali the Mate. Showed to their bunks and then signed on and issued with all the required ‘oilies’ and harness’s. Then followed the captains introduction’s and voyage plan, the Chief Engineer and Medical Purser’s briefings and the Mate’s Safety talk. Then it was hands aloft and the first of many smoko’s.

As the evening draws in new friends are being made as the watches settle in. All are looking forward to leaving Leith tomorrow and sailing down the length of the UK mainland, hopefully as the initial plan laid out, will include some time in Lindisfarne then across to Brugge ending up in Southampton on the 28th. But as normal all is subject to change as the weather dictates.


Medical Purser

SV Tenacious