TNS454 19/11/15

The crew of Tenacious would like to announce to the world that all cooks, chefs and similar can retire early, as culinary perfection was achieved here today at smoko. Micah’s cinnamon Danish swirls were “indecently delicious”
and were very much enjoyed by all the crew. This led Anna to the sad realisation that the most limiting factor of her disability is that she can’t see the plate of deliciousness to select the finest of the Micah’s creations. It didn’t matter though, none of them were there for long. Today has been a day full of climbing in the bright afternoon sun, and lazing about on deck. This morning, there was a talk on the anatomy of both fore and aft, and square sails, covering handing and setting the sails. There was also discussion of the search for the elusive Spanker, who is rumoured to be an elusive supervillain prowling the streets of Porto. Ben contends that a spanker is neither elusive or a supervillain, but rather a “quite big sail, that’s over there”. A secret identity revealed perhaps? In turtle exciting news, a turtle was spotted from the Port side, later identified as a green turtle, an endangered species. We’ve also seen a couple of striped dolphins and a few more unidentified whale blows.