TNS455 20/01/16

Plans to leave at 11.00 am were scuppered the late arrival of stores but at least they did arrive and great fun was had loading the ship with a chain of enthusiastic crew. After a delicious lunch from Hammie, lines were cast off down to the forward spring and not long after we were off so Tenacious could leave under sail. The local pilot was most excited and impressed as it was the first time he had sailed down the large bay. We even negotiated the narrow Boca Chica entrance under sail and we were making over 6 knots under sail when the pilot disembarked.  It was a sad ‘adios’ to Cartagena and Columbia as the white high rise towers of the modern city disappeared like a faded fairy castle on the horizon. The crew focused on keeping their feet and sailing in a Force 7 with choppy seas and a strong heel to port.  Those on the bridge smiled smugly as screams from the main deck flagged up another rogue wave breaking over the starboard side. A cheers went up from the bridge – we just made 9.1 knots! Strong winds from the NNE and our westerly course mean that during the night lee cloths were required. The main decks were cordoned off to ensure all stayed safe aboard. We are on our way to Panama.