TNS 397

Left Repostio after breakfast on engines ~ hopefully to find wind changing to north east to sail south back to Malta. Later in 12:30 – 4:30 pm afternoon watch there was a man overboard exercise. A loud cry of “Man Overboard” from the stern saw the ship turned back as quickly as possible. A member of the watch was sent aloft to sight and point out the casualty to direct the permanent crew manning the rescue boat. They successfully recovered the lost soul (a dummy for training) who usually has a lonely existence at the stern of the ship.

Later in the afternoon a pod of dolphins came and played close to and under the bow, effortlessly ducking, diving and jumping out of the water sometimes in formation with others. The bowsprit was a very popular place for the voyage crew to spectate and obtain some incredible photographs. The dolphins went away but came back a short time later (the same ones? ~ who knows but they were just as good!) A turtle was also spotted ambling by.

Captain Simon had said in the morning briefing that wind was forecast to freshen possibly to between force 6 – 8 over night into Friday morning when we hoped to be arriving in port at Valletta.