The wind is picking up and we look forward to hoisting sails later today.

The cool north wind has a bite to it. Whales spotted off the port created excitement for all on deck. We have been spotting ships around, and a large amount of wood planking drifting by – estimating that the wood washed overboard a few days ago, given the wide pattern. Our sextant training is going well and we feel confident under the guidance of our capable captain.

Surviving well on the rations we have been provided – today we were down to pancakes, maple syrup and bacon scraps – still unsure of how long we can last with the variety provided on a daily basis. We are committed to toughing it out.  With weather conditions turning this could be our last entry for a while – bunks are being secured for the anticipated blow.

“Murder” continues aboard with the Captain our latest victim. Cook appears untouchable – no one is willing to take the risk of stopping her. Line tour around the ship by Tom the Bosun was a highlight.

Starboard Aft watch continues to hold the ship together with skilful navigation and determined diplomacy – Tayo, Graham, Nick, Gordon, Keith and Glenis