TNS463 20/07/2016
After the serenity pool calm of the last 48 hours, the day broke
grey and gently choppy. Staggering like drunks wending our way home at
closing time, we navigated the ship as it reared and dipped with the swell.
This mood change has hinted at the power of the ocean and the challenges
which have long drawn salty fellows to adventures on the high sea. For some
this has added texture and context to the day, for others an inducement to
seek the comfort and relative stability of their cosy bunks.
As the remaining survivors of the murder game have moved into a stealth
phase of watching and waiting, we have been presented with the new challenge
of ‘egg-throwing’. From plotting the fictional (and perhaps not always so
fictional) demise of our crew-mates we have transitioned to scheming how to
throw a fresh egg from the ‘Top’ (the first platform as you climb the mast)
of the fore-mast to the roof of the Bridge without it disappearing over the
edge or breaking in the process. From secreting weapons of minor destruction
we have gone to scouring the ship for aero-dynamic materiel like the
scrounger in the Great Escape. Only time will tell who the last survivor
will be and how many eggs will endure to bring honour to their watch.
Defeatist rumours have been circulating about looming shortages of choice
comestibles, cheese and fruit causing the greatest consternation. Thoughts
have inevitably turned to food-fantasies and crew can be found with heads
bent, reverently sharing their dietary wish-list with their closest
comrades. James has gone very quiet about his secret stash of chocolate and
may have relocated for safety’s sake. Brian is still bereft of kippers.
Aly’s genial and informative talk on collision avoidance at sea heightened
levels of excitement as we contemplated the prospect of actually seeing
another vessel – let alone being at any remote risk of colliding with it. As
we pass the half-way mark of this leg and the day draws to a close we look
to tomorrow with a sense of hope (for cheese and the eggstacy of victory)
and excitement for the first sight of the approaching coast of Australia.
Foreward Starboard Watch: Alice, Brian, David, James, Jimbo, Kathryn,
Louise, Robin, Tami and Tracey.