TNS463 20/07/2016  – Aloha from Tenacious!
Our Murder Mystery game is now down to the elite few serial murderers which
include Ali and Maz the only members of Permanent Crew still surviving and
Lucilla the Ripper being finally killed off!
After dinner last night, we handed the majority of our sails, which leaves
us with the Mizzen Topmast Staysail and the Inner Jib as we motor towards
the coast of Australia in order to avoid the worst of the bad weather which
is heading our way. Last night, the crew were treated to some of Fred’s
Fishy Tails which featured stories and anecdotes from Fred’s time on the
fishing boats.
Matt is our Watch Leader this afternoon as part of his Leadership at Sea
course, with Darlene awarding him 10 out of 10.  Our Permanent crew
conducted a drill onboard today which seen many of them rush to their posts,
some donning firefighting gear and others awaiting order from the Captain
about the potential fire onboard. It was soon apparent that there was no
fire but there was one casualty, who had been electrocuted. The medical team
was then brought into action which consisted of Ronan and Seb with the aid
of the bosun’s mates Colin Fred the fish and Pip m. Thankfully the casualty
was fully resuscitated by the team and a helicopter was on its way from
Brisbane… we hoped! Ali, the first mate distributed the rules for our Egg
drop which we will be playing in a few days- for those of you that don’t
know it’s when we launch eggs encased in home-made aircraft from the
rigging, the egg must reach the deck without breaking, thinking hats on!
Bridget and Darlene are currently warming up for our voyage yoga class which
will take place this evening.
Also, for those of you waiting in anticipation for the punchline of
Darlene’s joke, a seagull which flies over the bay is known as a bay-gull!!
Adios from Aft Port – Bridget, Darlene, Matt, Rowena, Lucy, Mark, Dick,
Lucilla, Monty and today’s Messman Mike!