TNS454 20/11/15

Great Eggspectations Part 1

The egg challenge is well underway and the following is just one report that has been received concerning progress. The next blog entry should contain the full report of how the competition ended. Will there be cases of shell
shock? Will it all be a terrible yolk? Find out shortly.

You are joining us today from the Top Secret Headquarters of the Forward Starboard Watch as planning commences for the Great Egg Drop Challenge of 2015. Teams were given eggsactly two days to create a contraption to protect an egg, which must be hurled from the fore top. The egg must hit the deck, as  far aft as possible, and must not break. A difficult challenge, with no substitutes eggs eggcepted – no Easter, Kinder or dragon eggs can be used.
As our tenacious team got under way creating what will undoubtedly be the best Egg Protection Contraption on board; our reconnaissance says we are not the only ones. All watches have been observed huddling together in suspicious groups, colluding with their own ingenious ideas and brave attempts at being us. These mad inventions have seen a rise in small, egg related disappearances on board the ship including: missing Sellotape, sick
bags, and for some reason, potatoes. Our own sacrificial potato (this watch can neither confirm or deny how this
potato was obtained) is primed and ready for its maiden voyage, testing the Egg Protection Contraption at an unconfirmed location at an undisclosed time.  Although a daredevil at core, the potato is said to be nervous but
excited for its great plummeting voyage. Watch this space for the results of the Great Egg Drop Challenge of 2015,
commencing on deck tomorrow!

(No potatoes were harmed in the making of the blog post.) (Yet.)