TNS455 21/01/16

What a night…rocking and rolling with the high waves. Our watch were on from midnight to 4.00am and it was a fun packed watch. Half the fun was trying not to spill your cuppa and stay upright. We had some interesting cargo ships to starboard for a little while and the as the horizon was rising and falling so dramatically they were all the harder to spot. The moon shone dramatically on the rolling 10-12ft waves and left a stream of silver moonlight illuminating the approaching sea and it’s army of white horses. A magnificent sight.This morning the wind and heel is still with us and we have a gorgeous blue sky. Boobies (larger birds of the gannet family) fly along with us for some time, diving for fish. Ben gives a really informative and interesting talk on buoys and how they are used to aid navigation. Later tonight we are all looking forward to a talk and documentary on how the Panama Canal was built. Exciting times!