TNS457 21/02/16

Our time onboard the Tenacious started straight after boarding, where all the hearty crew and seamen were welcomed with some basic bracing and evacuation training. Onboard the ship we had a huge variety of people from all over the world, with there being a majority who had never stepped foot on a tall ship before! A busy day followed our briefing, and we went hands a loft (climbing a full 10m above the deck), and setting the sails in the hope of catching some sought after wind. After we had finished all the work we discovered we had two American Camera men onboard the ship – Greg & Jeremy. They were to be aboard for the next five days and were here to create a video to promote the JST. They flew drones around the ship, and were frequently seen documenting the events of the day with their impressive array of equipment. Everybody took turns throughout the day taking watch and most importantly taking control of the Tenacious.

Aft Port