We were on the first shift of the day starting at midnight. Continuing our relentless progress along the Southern Spanish coastline towards Gibraltar.  Ron stayed safely tucked up in bed after his speeding on deck the night before. Wind conditions forced us to rely on the motor.  Spotted a few ships on the port side and the lights of Malaga on the Starboard, tried to get second officer David to stop for a spot of clubbing in Malaga.  We were all subjected to Stu’s worsening jokes. Micah’s flap jacks and ginger cakes went down a treat with Lynda and Jago’s tea runs a welcome warming. We all had a go at the Helm and expertly managed to steer the ship among many cargo ships using the straights. Jago spotted some dolphins off the starboard side so we were all treated to night luminescence show for the last hour of our shift 3 till 4am.  There were at least five dolphins and it was amazing to see their trails glowing behind them.  Very different experience seeing at night compared to in the daytime.  Magical and alien like seeing their speeding white trails dancing alongside the ship and from side to side.

Good morning from Kieran and his Motley crew Jago, Lynda, Staurt, Stu, Janine, Geoff (Ryan in Mess and Ron still asleep the lazy bugger!)