Aft Port are once again on the afternoon watch, under Mike’s benevolent dictatorship. After two days of motoring into adverse (but not strong) winds, we have reached a point in the Bay of Biscay where we can turn towards the north, with a now easterly wind allowing us to set sails and turn off those smelly diesels. Even the engineers look pleased!

Unfortunately we won’t make Brittany, but with luck we will be able to anchor off St. Marys in the Isles of Scilly. The fact that we have almost all sails set except for the royals (smallest ones at the tops of the masts) makes up for any disappointment in missing French cooking.

The Murder Mystery continues. An external onlooker wouldn’t realise that almost all on board are zombies, having been felled like flies on the first day or so. The few survivors can be recognised by their hunted looks and their unwillingness to follow any suggestions as to which interesting parts of the ship to visit. We zombies continue to eat as much of Ali and Tracey’s excellent food as we can stuff in. Which reminds me, it’s almost time for afternoon smoko: more cake!

Love to all at home, from Alex, Alistair, Claire, Howard, Phoebe, Mike and Mark