On a glorious afternoon, we anchored in a beautiful sound off Kvaloya. Around us were many islands, large and small, and we were close to a fish farm. Modernity intruded in the form of a small airport nearby, reportedly a destination for Easyjet! Apart from that, the setting was idyllic.

The evening’s highlight was a magnificent barbecue served not only by our excellent cook, Micah, and his splendid assistant, Claire, but also a bevy of engineers and bosun’s mates. Everybody commented on how delicious it all was and the bar did a roaring trade in providing liquid sustenance to go with the repast. Much yarning carried on above and below decks so there were a few people struggling to keep awake the following morning.

Another beautiful day dawned for our voyage to Leirvik which is up Bomlafjord. The similarity of the name with Lerwick in the Shetlands is not coincidental; the Vikings have a lot to answer for! We weighed anchor at 0930, after a happy half hour, in itself an unusual concession. On the way, the forecourse and both lower topsails were treated to a harbour stow. Once again, getting the clew right proved to be something of a challenge. Fortunately, we were not required to start again!

Bomlafjord is exactly the sort of fjord for which Norway is justly famed. It is broad and cuts deep inland. On both sides are mountains and glaciers and snow covers the reverse slopes even in mid summer. We all had an opportunity to drink in the views before mooring in Leirvik just astern of ‘Pelican of London’, another tall ship which. Like ‘Tenacious’, is flying the red ensign. It is now time to do a recce for somewhere to eat ashore!