Still fuelled by a fantastic sticky toffee pudding from dinner, the middle watch enjoyed a beautiful night beneath shooting stars. The morning watch had their own interesting encounter, as the motor-less tall ship, Tres Hombre, sailed slowly passed.

After breakfast and the morning watch meeting, the voyage crew were given a tutorial on basic knots which cumulated in the entangled Alicia and Philip trying (and thus far) failing to free themselves.

Calm seas and sunshine have finally come, and the crew have enjoyed a day of relaxing on deck and finally riding on the bowsprit. Some of us also caught a fleeting glance at dolphins after lunch. After a talk on weather patterns and formations, and an afternoon nap, the First Dog watch were welcomed to their posts by the return of the Dolphins, so we’ll end it here so we can go take photos.

Jorgen has also enjoyed his time with the birds.

Alicia and Sam, Forward Port Watch