Voyage: TNS 484

21st March

Following a busy joining day with all the training that comes with sailing, a slight delay in Port procedures meant that some of the VC had an evening to bond as watches ashore or catch an early night of well deserved rest. This was greeted with joy for most.

Day two, graced us with beautiful weather on our exit towards Sydney headlands and the chance for some to take their last glimpses of the magnificent sights as we motored under the bridge and passed the opera House. The crew members climbing to the tops and tight roping out along the yards came as a delightful start to the day alongside some wonderful and mighty crew, under the command of a pretty awesome Captain Chris.

We hope to have a wonderful first night under sail as the crew settle into routine, ready for our passage onward to Melbourne and the sights ahead.

29th March

Welcome to the log of TNS484 afternoon watch – aft stbd on watch.

We left Jervis Bay at 1500 into a wobbly sea and heavy rain. Our watch commenced at 2000 hrs after a delicious meal of Shepherds Pie. Our first task was to tack the ship and brace the yards to assist the ships progress in the challenging conditions. All watch were suited up in their wet weather gear due to the cold and damp weather. The watch proceeded till 2400 hrs when relief took over.

Today, the weather has been much better with the sun shining and the sea a little flatter making for a much more sedate motor to Eden.  Forenoons activities included, bracing the yards back around to Port, smoko and the obligatory happy hour. Not only has the weather been nice but the ship is a cleaner environment to be in too.

We’re in Eden for the last 24 hours.  This is a lovely bay with really nice scenery – easy to see how it got it’s name.  Most people took the opportunity to go ashore where ‘fish and chips’ was the order of the day.  The ‘chippy’ at the pier served excellent freshly caught fish and seafood (in massive portions too!).  For the more culturally minded there is a Whale Museum where you can learn about how whale fishermen of old were assisted by a couple of Orcas who ushered the whales towards them.  I have never heard of this happening before. There was also a couple of shops where you could stock up on your provisions – Tim Tams, if you don’t know what they are you are missing one of life’s delights!

We woke up this morning to a quotation from Shakespeare over the PA. Although tired now from last night’s first watch, what a spectacular watch it was with really clear skies and the stars were stunning.  It was the first time I have really seen the Milky Way and it was awesome. There was no wind however, and we were just drifting along on the currents.  Consequently at the change of watch we had to bring in the sails and start the engines.  All was done in about 40mins, not bad for the depleted crew available at midnight.

Obligatory Happy Hour again today and while I heard everyone who has experienced it before moaning, it is fine as everyone pitches in and gets the work done.  The weather is fantastic now and who would not love standing on the bridge of a rigged ship, on a warm sunny day listening to the waves on the bow?