20th–22nd January

Slowly Tenacious made her way towards the island of Elba both by sail and motor. Before reaching the island the ship was joined by the pilot.

Eventually the harbour was approached and the Captain put the ship into reverse so she would finally be moored stern to the harbour with a forward anchor and port side onto the quay. This was a difficult procedure executed par excellence by our Captain.

Once the gangway was out those eating ashore left the ship to explore.

The night time closed in with our friend the rain, while the crew returned to take up their harbour watches or to go to their bunks.

The next day began with some crew wearing Caribbean shirts. There was a break from the rain showers made it possible to take the voyage photo, but soon the drops began to fall. The remainder of the morning was occupied by wheelchairs aloft and assisted climbs.

The island of Elba with its history of Napoleon being exiled here is a fascinating place. With warm sunny days it offers many beaches and good walks. The sea is filled with marine animals and I have been told it is a conservation area for dolphins (which we have not yet seen). The evening brought another night ashore which was more fruitful than the last as when my brother returned to me with a big grin on his face feeling very happy.

10am 22/1/14

We left Elba after the pilot joined the ship. The morning had started with loud claps of thunder and we were told of possible snow by the weekend. However as this is being typed the skies are blue and the sun is showing its friendly face.

We are slowly under sail making for the Port of Venere not far from Genoa

Forward Starboard watch, Beth ps Gaz says HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Nicole