We left La Palma just after lunch yesterday, once all the crew had finally arrived on board. The crew completed all the usual evacuation and sail handling training, and those who wanted to go aloft went up the main mast and got a view over the wall of the sea to come! We turned out of the shelter of the harbour straight into a pretty lumpy sea, this caught a few people out and they had to retire to their bunks!  The weather and sea have continued in the same vain and most are getting used to it. We have been lucky enough to see some wildlife, we had a small pod of dolphins alongside for a few minutes and then a few of us saw a turtle padding by. Today we’ve had plenty of sunshine. We are continuing North to avoid a bit of nasty weather to the East of us.  Next sight of land will probably be Madeira.

All is well on Tenacious and we are just about to sit down to a big Sunday Roast ! Doccy and Forward Starbord watch.