TNS458 22/03/2016
Day 23
1pm (Boat time – GMT minus 8hrs)
Fwd Stb Watch – Andy (typing, from the comfort of the helming chair), Steve
(helming), Mona & Paul (lookouting), Mike (sextanting), Stretch (absent on
Mess duty), & Louise (reading The Admiralty’s  Mariners Handbook as she’s
finished Game of Thrones).
As alluded to by previous watch’s logs, a quiz was held the other night & we
won it! We trounced the other Watches & the crew/cadet team with our recall
of England’s smallest city (*answer below) & David Bowie hits. Much fun was
had by all of course. We look forward to the next time change and rematch to
defend out title.
Today some Easter events were announced, including the much anticipated
inter-Watch egg throwing competition. Also we drew the name of our victim,
method & place on board to commit our “crime” for a game of “Murder”.  This
could go on a few weeks so expect much paranoia & high jinx as we are
whittled down to the last 2……
The weather is glorious, the winds steady & it still only rains when
Marianne is on shift. Averaging almost 8 knots right now.
Still seeing very little wildlife (we think it’s to do with the magnetic
pull of the poles). Lots of flying fish. Question: Are there different
species of them? We have noticed different sizes, behaviours & colours.
Please send your answers.
No other ships for 5 days or so. It really is big out here! We have
exhausted I-spy on the sea and are naming celestial bodies now.
It’s smoko, there’s more cake to eat, please book us into a health farm upon
our return home. Just a late happy hour below decks to look forward to once
we finish here….

*Wells in Somerset