Chipp’s the Engineer says ‘Silence is golden’

Aft Port Watch got a bit of a lie in, except Eula on mess duty, which, incidentally, she enjoyed immensely, having done the first watch on day 5. This morning we were awoken for breakfast then on to happy hour  and Aft port were below for cleaning duties. The Nursey Purser kindly assigned me to cleaning the heads.

We took part in an emergency tiller steering drill before lunch. Chips suggested that 2-6 push would be easier than 2-6 heave.  We did not listen to him and the drill went to plan. Today we had a frustrating head wind so no sailing but at least we had a chance to go aloft to harbour stow the tops’ls.  Anticipation is growing for our imminent arrival in Cadiz. ETA early tomorrow morning

Jane for Aft Port watch – John, Eula, Sarah and Sarah.

Many thanks