We sailed into the Isles of Scilly today and then anchored for shore leave.

We had a pilot on board to assist us with navigating the many shoals around the Scillies. The crew were able to enjoy a long shore leave on St. Mary’s, and experience the local pubs and shops. As I type this we are at anchor and enjoying the view of the beaches of Tresco, with a gentle breeze with a hint of spring. The harbour is busy with many boats traveling between the islands, and some coming out to admire Tenacious. On our return in the dotty boat, Tom, the Bosun generously steered us around Tenacious so Keith could get some  photos from the water – she looked stately and we were proud to be associated with her (unfortunately, on the way from ship to shore, I sat at the back of a very  full dotty boat and got a totally wet bum and back so waddled round St Mary’s damply and had to make sure I sat on wooden chairs when we went into a restaurant – much drier on the way back, thank goodness!). Tayo continues to be an exemplar of Leadership at Sea always thinking of others before himself. In a cool laid back way he carries everything out. We are delighted to have him on our watch. We’re all eagerly awaiting the result of the results of the sweepstake of total distance travelled, will know at Milford Haven!