The ship is all quiet again, as the last voyage crew members have just waved goodbye from voyage 374.

Yesterday was action packed, as we left Tilbury with our pilots and a film crew onboard. We were being pinned to the dock by a 30k wind, so it was hard work getting away. Once under way there was plenty to look at, and many chose the view from the yards as they helped harbour stow the sails. Lunch was served next, a vast array of salads soon disappearing…..then a bit of nifty fendering to get us safe for the lock, action at the mooring stations with lines and we came alongside in Canary Wharf, with our masts and rigging reflected in the tower blocks of glass around us.

The Leadership at sea candidates gave an excellent presentation to the crew on the various disabilities of crew sailing with us, and how they affected their lives and actions on board. This was well received by everyone.

That rounded off the working day, and all Voyage crew were free to relax, explore or whatever.

Micah made a great (in size and taste) lasagne, and many stayed on for that before a wander ashore.

Today began with a cheery voice on the tannoy at 07.00, and it was everyone up and packing, clearing out and cleaning cabins, and then the bacon rolls, with homemade rolls no less !

Captain Steve did the end of voyage debrief, and was cheered at the end, which summed up what everyone seemed to have thought of their voyage. Many are planning to return and all are looking forward to a lie in!