Hi from FS on midnight anchor watch for our last night at sea before an early morning motor into Bergen tomorrow.

There is a beautiful pink & purple sky over silhouetted mountains & it is still light enough to read a book by! We were at anchor in a little bay in Kobbeleia (a sound ) by 5pm and after the ladder was set up on the side of the ship, life rings attached at the bow and stern and the DOTI boat launched, 3/4 of the voyage crew jumped ship. Voluntarily. What a treat to swim in the lovely surroundings. It was enjoyed by all those who watched from the deck taking photos and those who swam,despite the bracing 18 degrees water temperature. The ship looks huge from the water!

After tea an inter watch nautical ‘quiz’ in the evening sunshine was great fun. Round 1 was the fastest to find belaying pins to Ali’s named ropes by feet, wheelchair (we fortunately have 1 per watch) or by blind/blindfolded crew. Some nifty swotting in the afternoon by FS Rob & Charlotte paid off handsomely. Round 2 was tying knots in ropes 30 ft long held by all of each watch crew which ended up becoming a hilarious nautical Twister. Round 3 involved throwing a heaving line through a life ring tied to the bridge stairs, which was great fun. The balmy sunny evening in a beautiful location just added to the atmosphere. The ensuing silly ‘icebreaker’ games on deck rounded off the evening !!!

God Natt from FS Sue, Charlotte (Leadership at Sea Watchleader today) & Jostein