TNS463 – 23/07/2016 – The excitement of spotting land yesterday  was overtaken by the
eggtraordinary eggsploits of a watch team competition of “Egg Drop”. Watches
has to chuck an egg from the first platform of the foremast aft along the
ship without it breaking or going overboard .The competition was overseen by
our expert panel of judges Maz (Third mate), Ronan (Nursey) and Niall (Chief
Engineer). Each aircraft watch introduced by their watch and the design
the design process explained. Four brave crew then climbed the rigging to
the Launchpad. The first aerodynamic box shaped missile failed to reach the
deck , catching an unfortunate gust of wind and plummeting over the side
:-(. The next was flung from the end of a rope, landing gently in the dotty
boat on the forward deckhouse roof. The third whizzed at a great speed
through the rigging, landing solidly on the bridge and the last landed near
the mainmast, surrounded by bits of what seemed to be, apple! All in all it
was a close competition…but after careful dissection by Ronan only one egg
remained intact. Fwd Starboard watch cracked open some champagne to
celebrate their win during dinner. Now, back to the sailing,  we have now
turned back to revisit parts of Australia that we liked and wanted to look
at again (we have headed north to avoid eggstreme weather). Some sail is set
and the others were sea stowed by the BMs and some volunteers this morning.
We have celebrated Stan’s 52nd anniversary onboard with an amazing cake at
smoko, which was much to his surprise! All the crew onboard Tenacious would
like to wish a very Happy Anniversary to Stan and his lovely wife Sandra,
hello Sandra! We should be heading south again on Monday and back on track
towards Sydney. Watches remain busy and the weather is sunny, bright, and
That’s all, folks!
Aft Starboard (and Marcin)
Val, Leeuwin, Aoife, Aly, Paul, Steve, Chris, Mandy, Stan.