TNS455 24/01/16

The day started with an al fresco breakfast on deck whilst we continued towait for our journey through the Panama Canal.  The usual Happy Hour followed, so we were all ‘spick and span’ for our Canal passage, and then the eagerly awaited ‘Egg-a-thon’ competition started.  Each of the 4 watches and the Galley Team entered into the competition – where a raw egg had to be launched from the forward mast platform to see how far it could travel along the deck without breaking.  It could be protected by any means, and each team ‘egg-celed’ themselves with some fantastic entries, complete with a presentation to introduce their egg.  Forward Port watch had created the ‘Doo-doo bird’, complete with toilet roll feathers and body protection of carrot peelings.  Aft Port watch ….., Forward Starboard watch ….., Aft Starboard watch ……, The Galley Team created a parachute for their egg using a flour bag, and the egg was protected by cold porridge!! Someone from each team climbed to the forward mast platform and launched their eggs – 2 smashed on landing, 1 became an ‘egg overboard’ and 2 survived the journey to the deck intact.  The judging panel (of Captain and First Mate) declared Aft Port watch the winners by 1 point (mainly due to the very soft landing that it had on the canopy of the bridge!!).