TNS458 24/03/2016
Aft Starboard
Last night we achieved a major a milestone. We finally ran out of the chart
we’ve been inching our way across in hour by hour plots since leaving
Puntarenas and are now on the edge of chart 4619 edging our way from the
Galapagos Fracture Zone towards the Iles Marquises.
The nearest land is 4430 metres below us. On deck the SE trades continue to
blow steadily and we bowl along at a constant 6-7 knots occasionally
adjusting the course and sails.
Today it’s a hot and peaceful afternoon but we have a busy Easter weekend
ahead. Preparations have begun for the egg drop competition which will take
place on Good Friday. Rules have been issued and each watch is designing a
means of throwing an egg from the foretop, getting it as far aft as possible
on the deck – whilst remaining intact – so the challenge is to protect the
egg in the best way possible. All sorts of ingenious devices involving paper
mache and stuffed socks have been sighted.
Other events include an inter watch egg decorating competition and a bunny
themed Easter party are on the agenda. There will also be a religious
In the meantime the murder mystery competition which begun yesterday
continues with a spate of murders this morning. Each of us picks a name,
location and murder weapon from a hat then has to lure our victim to the
selected location. Craig our blind Canadian watch mate has revealed a side
of which we haven’t seen before – a born assassin – he’s
so far the watch’s most successful executioner.
It’s also Aft Starboard’s laundry day so we will all start smelling sweet
again tomorrow when we have another week’s worth of clean clothes. The
laundry is managed by Alan the Medical Purser, another of the permanent
crew’s unsung heroes. In addition to patching up our occasional cuts and
grazes, Alan ensures everything below decks is spotless. Part of this
involves making sure we do a good job cleaning the accommodation during
Happy Hour which takes place every other day.
Nearly the end of the watch and time to listen to the Cadets’ presentation
on the Collision Regulations. They’ve been busily preparing visual aids
involving green and red socks so we are looking forward to this. An update
tomorrow on this, the murder mystery and the egg drop competition.
Chris H, Craig, Sari, Jeff, Mike, Izzi and Norm.