WOW, busy times yesterday.  On top of a wet bum for one of the watch, we had dinner at the Captain’s Table – well, that is she joined us at our table in the lower mess, and by her very presence, it became the Captain’s table.

What happened was that some people stayed to eat ashore, so lovely Ali cooked for those of us who knew we had no chance of finding any better food than on the Tenacious and we all sat and ate together, and Keith cracked open a bottle of passion fruit liqueur, so how good was that! Then returned to anchor watch taking readings every 15 minutes against three fixed points to make sure Tenacious didn’t drift beyond a certain acceptable range so the time passed quickly.  Regular checks around the ship almost had me raising the permanent crew to deal with a hazard threatening the ship, but then I realised it was a bit lump of seaweed, so panic over and the PC slept soundly, secure in the knowledge of an eagle eye maintaining the ship. Crew up the rigging today to set main course harbour stow. It was a bit choppy, so for the first time all were counted going up the rigging, and all were counted as they returned to the deck – as far as I know the numbers tallied!

Graham is messman tonight so we are left to the tender mercies of Gordon and Nick as stand-ins – hopefully one of our watch will be still standing to blog tomorrow!