Its 1 in the afternoon watch as we sail on Tenacious through beautiful clear blue green water 15 miles south of Littlehampton with the tide taking us along at 6 knots due west. We can just see the English coast on the horizon through the haze. Last night we motored through the night against the prevailing south westerly to make some sea room, and fortunately managed to leave the showers and occasional thunder of yesterday behind us. Tenacious is now sailing with the benefit of a light breeze with hardly a cloud in the sky. We now have all the square sails set bar one, the main coarse sail, a sight to see. In addition, there are 2 genoas and 2 stay sails out. The forward starboard watch of Andy, Ron, Luke, Alix, John and myself, Philip are being ably managed by the tenacious deck officer Shep. The highlight of the morning was a vist from a pigeon named dinner, who has enjoyed the ride in the sunshine. Setting the square sails this morning was fortunately without incident, the only issue being persuading the topmen to come down from aloft. We are just being buzzed by a uk border force vessel The Searcher, but apart from the pigeon we are UK nationals. A quick message to Ron if you are reading this, where have you gone? Hes probably taking some more photos. Watch FS