TNS463 24/07/2016 – As I type this, I am blindfolded as part of my leadership at sea to try
understand how  those with disabilities get around the ship. Darlene has
helmed with the blindfold on, carried out general watch tasks, assisted with
handing sails and set up smoko.
Matt has just done a victory lap around the bridge to celebrate him FINALLY
winning a game of chess against Jimbo (current score is Jimbo 10 – 1 Matt).
Murder Mystery is over with Seb coming out as our victorious winner,
however, she has decided to pass her prize onto Permanent Crew which means
one lucky PC will have Lucy and Hannah as their “slaves” for the day.
We are very much looking forward to making our way south towards Sydney for
our scheduled arrival on the 27th.
Dolphins were spotted off the Starboard bow this morning. And the night
watches were joined by Humphrey the racing pigeon who we were sad to see
leave us this morning.
Our watch has been visited by many as we have the secret stash of goodies
(gummy bears, crisps/potato chips, lollipops and bonbons galore!) Brought by
our hungry American ladies Bridget and Darlene. The stash has proven useful
for favours especially the gummy bear addict Ronan and some Brits who got a
kick out of the 1kg bag of KettleChips.
We continue to declare our love for Micah’s culinary talents (especially
yesterday’s breakfast pancakes and today’s yummy coconut macaroons).
Hugs and kisses to our family and friends back home (Scotland, England, USA
and Jersey)  xxxx 😉 xoxoxo

Aft Port – Lucilla, Lucy, Bridget, Darlene, Rowena, Messman Matt, Mark,
Mike, Monty and our fearless leader Dick.