24/08/15 TNS448


All voyage crew arrived, some later than others. Surprisingly the amount of young people was very high compared to normal. After everyone was settled in, we had a briefing from the Captain & permanent crew where we learnt things from how to survive to how much water the ship carried. Now we had learnt that vital information we took the perilous journey across the harbour, the grand total of 250 metres.

We were all granted shore leave and discovered the excitement of Poole’s Asda. Soon after, very intense card games were played where even blood was drawn.

Harbour watch consisted of shady men with spades sighted on the quay and copious amounts of hot chocolate to deal with the soggy weather.

Still RAINING this morning, we practiced an evacuation drill in just 3.5 minutes and prepared to go aloft. Following this, in torrential rain we were shown the ropes of the boat and turned the yards to port and back. This afternoon we are all taking a waterlogged shore leave back to Asda.

All excited for day 3 hoping that the sun appears.