Yesterday our second mate, Marcin, gave a talk to the crew about “Why are we here?” After all the jokes about such a weighty question being asked, he continued to tell us about the history of tall ships since the 1930s.  It was all very interesting information, concluding with the current history of TENACIOUS and LORD NELSON.

A sailor can’t help but ask, “Why am I here?” now and again, especially when the weather is foul, the clothing wet, and the belly hungry.  My answer, in a nut shell, is because I love the sea and the lifestyle.  What keeps me returning is the people that are attracted to the adventure of sailing traditional tall ships.

TENACIOUS, along with her sister ship LORD NELSON, is unique among tall ships in the type of people that are attracted to her.  As a ship that accommodates all abilities, a very wide range of people come on board.  To me, this makes her especially attractive, with very special lessons to be learned.

The only way to know what I’m talking about is to sign up for a trip and experience the joy of tall ship sailing first hand.  That’s why I’m here!

Barbara Kraler Forward Port Watch