TNS460 25/05/2016 We welcome Rowena to our watch as a valued member.
Yesterday afternoon Steve de Roeck gave us a very interesting talk about his
travels including a slide show of the wildlife in places as diverse as
Antarctica and Central Africa.  This included some superb photography of
various animals from huge elephants and water buffalo to tiny but colourful
Our evening Watch from 8pm to midnight was a spectacular one.  The Full Moon
rose just after 8pm and flooded the ship with its immense light.  It was
bright enough to easily see people, the rigging and the fully rigged sails
of the ship.
Kay and the Watch noted the International Space Station speeding past above
us on the starboard skyline.  We waved to Tim Peake, with the empty ocean
all around us, he appeared to be the closest human being. It was a magical
experience and a joy to be on watch in such amazing conditions in the South
Jules at last appears to have mastered the art of steering without following
snake trails. Despite stating it felt like helming the “Black Pearl” she was
disappointed Johnny Depp failed to appear!! The wake up call this morning
was to Benny Hill’s theme bringing a smile to on coming watches. After Smoko
with homemade flapjack we threw ourselves into Happy Hour cleaning the
Our Watch under the inventive idea of Sam scrubbed the decks with two bucket
slaves Ruth and Mike going ahead to slosh the decks for the brush scrubbers
Jules, Sam, Steve, Brian, Jim and Georgina following on.  Great fun is
always had with the hose rinsing off afterwards.  David and Kyle put the
pride back into the Tenacious name plate and Ship’s Bell with brasso and
elbow grease so that they shine brightly.  Helene has looked after us  as a
mess person and will re-join us this evening.
This afternoon Sam Andrews gave us a talk on Altitude. He gave an overall
picture of the highest mountains in the world, with their relative heights.
Sam went on to explain the problems climbers, skiers, people who holiday or
visit high mountains experience.  He explained the difference between
adaptation and acclimatisation, and how these are attained.  He went on to
explain the symptoms of Altitude Illnesses mainly Cerebral oedema and
Pulmonary oedema and how to best deal with these conditions.  Preferably by
prevention, and to get the person down off the mountain. Sam went onto some
of the conditions experienced by holiday makers eg trauma, snow blindness,
frostbite, trenchfoot, sunburn and dehydration.  Finally Sam gave us the
address of his charming Chalet in France where people can either experience
winter sports or in summer walking and mountain biking or just the beauty of
the Alps.